Valentine's Day 2014 was spent snowed in. Since we couldn't get out, we had our own little party.

Cupcakes were made, iced, and decorated. Spoons were licked.

The kids were spoiled with gifts from awesome grandparents and sweet neighbors.

Minutes were spent decorating Valentines for brother and sister. Oh, that signature! Be still my heart!

Then came the party they were waiting (not patiently) for... Food!!!

Group photo!

I forced them to do a little photo shoot and bribed them with ice cream.

Super awesome outtake:

Happy valentines day!


Baby, it's cold outside!!

After feeling like we've been trapped for weeks, I took the Jos outside for some fresh air. We brought a blanket and a camera and lasted about 7 minutes. The polar vortex is no joke!!

She's really into making funny faces at the camera. I'm embracing it rather than fighting it because this is her, right now, and I don't want to forget.

This may need to be framed on my mantel. Stay warm, friends!


Or, "To School" for the boys.


Jack and Danny are old enough to go to preschool. Two mornings a week they will be off on their own. My big boys. And I will have peace. And quiet. And calm. And more peace. Don't get me wrong- I love them. But they are TOUGH. I need a break and so do they. This is good for all of us. Josie will be with me the mornings they're gone but she's the easiest child on earth. She will be going to school the opposite days they go (of course). Oh well, I'll take what I can get!

Here a few back to school pics I took in our backyard. Inspired by Pinterest, of course.


Here are a few more of my favorites. We were always on the beach by nine because the kids were up early. I loved it because the beach was still empty and the lighting was gorgeous. That's when I usually had my camera out. we would head home around lunch and someone would stay at the house while the boys napped. Then we would all be back on the beach by 4 ready for some cocktails And would stay pretty late :) my favorite time on the beach is when the sun is starting to set and everyone else clears out. I'm so thankful we were able to have these late days on the beach this year.

This one. Sometimes she's not too happy with "Say cheese". But I do love this face.

We were sure to get some pics when the lifeguards left. The kids were a bit nervous being so high. Josie's face is so funny.

And this one with his love for sunglasses and hats. Lady killer.

Sea Isle City, we love you.


The kids were fab this year at the beach. I actually read a book! Amazing, I know. Jack was a little daredevil and loved the water. He just went in whenever he felt like it. The other two were brave enough to get their feet wet unless they were jumping waves with Daddy or Pop Pop. Here are a few of my favorite pics.


We recently went to the local fireman's fair. I was pretty excited to get the kids on some rides. I thought they would love it. When we got there all three of them were so excited. We bought our tickets and put them on the first ride. As soon as it started this is what we saw:

Our three year old lost it. And Danny boy wasn't too happy either. He held onto that fire truck for dear life.

So we had one who cried the whole time, who who looked terrified and one who couldn't stop smiling and honking the horn.

This kid is having the time of his life.

That was the end of the rides for those two. Jack ended up riding a few more rides while Jos and Danny happily watched. We ended up reselling a bunch of tickets and saved twenty bucks.

A few days later I called a friend of mine to tell her about the fair. And you know what she said? All the right things. You know, "it's okay that they don't like it. Maybe next year they will. Hey, you saved some money!" You know what she didnt do? She didn't say, "wow! Really? My daughter loves the rides! She's such a daredevil!" Do you have friends like this? Who make you feel bad because they have to compare your kid to theirs? I hate that. I love friends who can just listen, who don't have to talk about their own children, and who realize all kids are different and that's ok.

Thanks, Di. You're a great friend.


Although we moved a few months ago, Josie's old school in Philly (a wonderful place that I miss dearly) invited her for "graduation". Or maybe they call it moving up. Either way, it's adorable. They sang songs on stage and had a slide show of pics throughout the year. Jos was great- got up on stage like it was no biggie that she didnt practice with them or hadn't seen her little friends in two months. She's pretty awesome. I took her last day of school picture the day of her show. Looks how much she's grown.

Oh my goodness those skinny legs.

This was unplanned. She totally posed this way both times.

Even though she's three she was in the two year old class because of her October birthday. I can't even explain how excited I am that I get an extra year home with her. I'm not quite ready to send this one off to Kindergarten.

I love Mothers Day. It means I don't have to do any dishes and I get to sleep in. I seriously hate doing dishes. I mean hate.
This year, my parents and my Grandma came over for dinner. The children, knowing it was Mothers Day, were perfect angels. There was no fighting, no tantrums, no tears. HA! Actually, it was quite the opposite. In fact, the twins were such disasters that we put them to bed at 6:15. (Their bedtime is usually 6:30- we're not that mean) Here a few pics from my phone that I snapped throughout the day. They're kinda grainy but it's better than nothing :)
Poor Pop Pop. He left with a few battle scars. I need to cut the childrens finger nails more often. Anyway... I made sure to get a photo with me, my mom, my grand mom and the kiddos. 4 generations!
And one with my and my babies.
And just for kicks here are some from last year!
Goodness, they grow fast.
After so many nice days and being able to take the kids out to burn off some energy I wasn't about to let a little rain stop us from going out.
I know I haven't blogged in awhile but I've had a good reason... We moved! Holy guacamole what a process! But it's over, we survived living apart Monday thru Friday, we sold quickly, and now were here, together.
Matt got an awesome new job that took us out of the city. I'm so sad to leave Philly but I knew the burbs were in our future anyway. The kids needed a yard and boy, did we get an awesome one!! The gardens are amazing! I can't wait for everything to bloom.
The Jos started a new school and loved it. We were so lucky they had an opening for the rest of this year!
I've already done some DIY home improvement projects :) I'm in my glory here. The entire house is cream. Cream walls, cream moldings, cream rugs. A clean slate! Yay! We've been here a week and I've been to Lowes 4 times. So, so fun! Here's a quick before and after of the fireplace:
Gold and U-G-L-Y. So I used a bit of high heat black spray paint and presto! Beautiful!
You-know-who insisted on being in the pics. This was such an easy, cheap change that I was able to do during naptime. Love. It. Up next is painting the fireplace and moldings white. See ya, cream.
Can't wait to do more and share more!

I'm still getting used to the sounds of silence and the chirping of birds. I'm used to sirens at all hours of the night! But this isnt a bad view out the back window, huh?